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Pressurisation Units

Willow pumps can offer a full comprehensive range of Pressurisation Units for Chilled Water, LTHW, MTHW and HTHW systems up to 500kw loads (standard units).

These units can be wall or floor mounted cabinets with single or twin pump options and utilise an electronic controller with digital display and full BMS connectivity.

Larger systems or systems with higher temperatures are better served by our “spill back” range of units which utilise a “spill tank” into which the “expanded water” is spilled into on boiler(s) heating cycle (expansion) and then the water is pumped back into the system when the boiler(s) shut down and the system contracts.

Again all the units have an electronic controller and the spill tanks can be constructed of high temperature GRP or stainless steel. The pump modules can consist of 2 or 3 pumps to ensure the optimum pump back rate is achieved.