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Package Pump Stations

Willow Pumps offer installation services of all sizes, from Adoptable stations to package pump stations.

Package pump stations consist of pre-built plastic pipework, pedestal and guide rails, ready for pumps to be lowered into the well. Float switches are then to be hung on the pre-installed bracket, run through cable ducting with pump cables and terminated at the panel. These stations are very compact and are often used for small developments, underground carparks, or other areas to which only small pumping requirements are needed. 

Package pump stations serve waste from foul waste water to storm water, meaning they can be designed to cater for either requirement. Regardless of its size, Willow Pumps pride ourselves on high quality installation standards, including the scheduled servicing of all pump stations. 

Although package stations can be relatively small, this does not eliminate the need for regular servicing and cleaning. We recommend all stations are serviced regularly to eliminate the risk of failure. All installations carried out are completed with a commisioning sheet and electrical testing certificates. We also offer tailor made service contract quotations upon completion of the stations. If you require any furrther information please do not hesitate to contact our contracts department, 01634 201111.