Maidstone Installation

Here we have a project we were asked to fulfil by a well-established developer. Having worked previously with and for this company, we were happy to comply with their wishes and requirements. This particular project itself, based in the South East of England, has both Foul Water and a Surface Water pumping stations, to 7th Edition Southern Water specifications. We have designed both stations with technical submission to the developer. Here, the pictures show our installation of the pipework and valves of the surface water pumping station.

This station has dual 300mm pumps both delivering 225l/sec through 2 separate discharge lines. The pipework increases from 300mm NB pedestals to 400mm NB riser pipes and station valves, then increasing to 450mm NB pipe out to discharge. To complete an installation of this size we were assisted by a crane and banksman, thus showing that Willow Pumps Ltd are capable of delivering not just small pumping stations but very large ones also, all in-house.