Pre opening Inspection

We’re looking forward to helping you get back to business. Therefore, we would like to offer you a free visible condition survey where our experts will ensure you are ready for your customers.

One call and we will do it all…

The lockdown has caused huge problems for businesses and the wider economy but the restrictions are now starting to be lifted, and businesses and establishments are reopening.

The impact of a building being mothballed for a prolonged period could be significant. There are certain critical elements of the drainage and potable water system which could have deteriorated during this period of inactivity, and a quick health check by our experts will hopefully help you get back to business as quickly as possible.

Here are some areas our visual condition survey will check:

  • Submersible Pumping Stations (Foul/Surface Water) – a visual inspection of the control system and wet well health ensuring the pump station is fully operational and discharging.
  • Sewage Treatment Plant – a visual inspection of the condition of the plant and a field sample of the final effluent to check for compliance
  • Fresh Water Booster Pumps & Heating Pumps – Checks will also be made on pumps which have been idle for a considerable length of time. When they are restarted it is not uncommon for mechanical seals to dry out and stick, causing damage and water leaks. These can cause rust to form, causing the bearing to overheat and the pump’s eventual failure. Checks will also be made on water stagnating within pump bodies and system pipework.
  • Potable water storage tanks full of water will be checked to ensure that there hasn’t been a proliferation of bacteria like Legionella, especially with increased ambient temperatures.
  • Sanitary ware u-bends and traps will be checked to look for drying out which can cause smells and entry for rodents into the building.

Interested in this service?

There is a high probability that some or all of these systems will be impacted as the building reopens and we recommend these assets be checked and the appropriate remedy taken.

These services are in high demand, and as a valued customer we are attempting to prioritise our response and resources to ensure  your reopening is not impacted by a pump related issue.

If this is of interest, please call our service team on 01634 201111 Option 2 to discuss the right solution for your site.