CAT 5 Combined Break Tank and Booster Set

What do we offer?

Willow Pumps offer a range of CAT 5 sets for applications such as irrigation or wash down sets where there may be a risk of back contamination to the town’s main water supply.

These combination packaged sets can be built to achieve the flow and pressure required utilising 1 or 2 pumps (usually but not limited to) with a suitably sized break tank either mounted on the same skid or on a purpose build frame above the pumps to minimise the footprint.

These packaged sets are fully WRAS approved and can be offered with either fixed speed or variable speed pumps-dependant on application.

Need something bespoke?

As well as off the shelf units we can supply bespoke units where usually space is not available for these units so they can be wall mounted or floor mounted, they can be configured with tank above the pumps to minimise the foot print.

Just send your requirements along with company details, project details and we will give our proposals to suit.