CCTV Surveys

Why do I need a CCTV drain survey?

Drainage problems are often not realised until we notice a sink is draining slowly, toilets won’t flush and we encounter bad smells! However, these signs show long after an issue has begun and damage has been done to your drains.

CCTV drain surveys are designed to identify problems happening inside drains, ideally before they start to cause a problem. CCTV drain cameras can also be used when a blockage is suspected to discover where the problem is and what is causing it.

How do CCTV drain surveys work?

CCTV drain surveys work by feeding a camera on a long cable down the drain that sends live footage to a screen that the engineers can work off. Our engineers can create reports on-site based on their findings and provide instant recommendations on the best next steps.

Pre-purchase drain surveys

It is common knowledge that various types of pre-purchase surveys need to be done before completing a house sale. However, so many buyers don’t check their drains before purchasing a property and this can result in costly problems later down the line.

Huge issues can hide within our drains, so a pre-purchase drain survey can highlight these before it’s too late. Our engineers can conduct a full investigation of the house’s drains and provide a detailed report and high-quality video footage to summarise their findings.

Software and Equipment we use

Our engineers use bespoke iTouch Live systems or WINCAM, designed specifically for the requirements of our customers. Thanks to our custom technology, we are able to offer footage and reports that are more accurate, more detailed but are also delivered far quicker than those from our competitors. We can report on the findings of our surveys instantly, as well as providing a more in-depth report in the coming days, as opposed to leaving customers waiting for weeks.

The Main Line Crawler CCTV system comes as part of our full CCTV surveying package. The Main Line Crawler is able to survey pipework from 9” to 1.2m. With advanced sensitive controls, the main line crawler speed can be adjusted to suit the customers needs. The main line cable has a distance of 200m, and much like the push rod, can be used in remote areas.

The Push Rod System is a flexible system that can operate on pipework from 75mm to 9” diameters. With advanced maneuverability it allows easy access to all areas. Our camera systems are based on a portable trolley for accessing some of the most remote areas when required.

All CCTV vehicles are fitted with Jetting capabilities to be able to clear small obstructions with in the pipework allowing for our CCTV surveys to be completed. This minimises the need for more time on the survey and the attendance of a jetting vehicle. Our jetting units have the capabilities of Jetting at 4000psi (14gpm). Our jetting vans and camera systems are incorporated within the same vehicle.

Our CCTV vehicles are kitted out with Push Rod CCTV systems as well as Main Line Crawler CCTV systems.