Our grease trap and FOG service

Fat, oil and grease management systems, including grease traps, are designed to protect our sewage systems from becoming blocked with solidified FOG substances.

Our grease trap & FOG services

We can offer a full spectrum of FOG management services, including both routine maintenance and reactive emergency callouts. Our trained and experienced engineers are available to:

  • Pre-clean before grease trap installation
  • Install grease traps
  • Empty and properly dispose of fat, oil and grease
  • Conduct maintenance and repair work

Get into a routine

We recommend a bespoke routine maintenance plan for all hot food establishments and food manufacturers. Ensuring proper maintenance of your grease traps is an ongoing job and if not done correctly, can become expensive and disruptive down the line.

Our engineers will work with you to design a custom maintenance schedule that suits your business. Our pre-planned maintenance schedules will:

  • Minimise disruption to your business for both your employees and customers
  • Reduce your overall costs by helping to avoid those emergency callouts
  • Help your business to meet the required legal and environmental standards
  • Allow your team to work within a well-run and compliant kitchen

Why Willow Pumps?

Willow Pumps and our partner Metro Rod are trusted by a whole host of big brand names in the food and hospitality industries. We are known for our grease trap services, thanks to our years of experience and proven ability to conduct this type of work professionally and efficiently.

Get in touch with our team today for a quote and more details on a maintenance program for your kitchen.