High Pressure Water Jetting

How does high pressure water jetting work?

When drains become blocked, the cause of the blockage can only be broken down by applying intense pressure to break it down. High pressure water jetting works by directly pressurised water towards the blockage, within the confines of the drain. The force of the water in such a small space breaks the solid mass into small pieces and pushes it through the drain towards the sewer.

How do I know if my drains are blocked?

High pressure water jetting is one of the best ways to unblock a drain, particularly when masses of non-flushables, fats and food waste have built up. There are a few tell-tale signs of a blocked drain we should all be aware of. These include:

  • Toilets rising to the top when you flush
  • Sinks and baths draining slowly
  • Bad smells coming from your drains
  • Plugholes gargling when draining


Call on your local high pressure water jetting experts

Here at Willow Pumps, we really are the specialists you can trust when it comes to high pressure water jetting. All of our engineers who deliver the service are qualified to the highest standards, including their high pressure water jetting training and confined space works certifications.

How to unblock a drain outside

Many homeowners will turn to DIY or shop bought outside drain unblocker before calling on a professional but that isn’t the best way. High pressure water jetting is the preferred method for drain unblocking by professionals because it provides a long-term fix. This is not something you can do yourself.

Do-it-yourself methods are not only dangerous but often ineffective too. Calling on an expert with the right qualifications and equipment is the only way to ensure your drains get unblocked for the long run and without any risk to you or your home.

For more advice on what to do if you have a blocked drain, give us a call.