Pump Station Installation


Adoptable Pump Stations

Willow Pumps offer M & E design including technical submission, Supply & Installation and snagging services on Sewers for Adoption pump stations

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Pre-Cast Concrete Pump Stations

M & E design, supply and installation of bespoke pumping stations into a preformed concrete wet well

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Package Pump Stations

A complete range of package pump stations which comprises of horizontal or vertical units suitable for most pumping applications

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Why do I need pumps?

Pumps are essential at some sites to keep your drainage systems functioning and help facilitate the flow of water and waste.

Pump Station Installation Services

If you require a pump installation or need to replace an existing pump, we can help. At Willow Pumps, our expert engineers are trained to the highest industry standards to ensure we not only install your pumps but advise you on which pump is right for your business requirements. We have extensive experience that means no matter the complexity or size of the project we can help deliver the best solution for you.

As well as installing your pumps, we can ensure the installation meets SFA (Sewers for Adoption) and SSG (Sewerage Sector Guidance) standards where required. In addition, if water authority adoption is required on your pump station, our team can handle the necessary work required to ensure an easy handover process.

If you’re looking to have a pump station designed, we can support your project from initial design through to installation and maintenance. We will ensure your development is designed to meet all your requirements by providing all the technical submissions required.

Pump Maintenance

Upon installing your new pump station, our engineers will have an indepth knowledge of your site and how it works which will enable them to put a maintenance plan in place. By having a low-cost maintenance schedule in place, it reduces the likelihood of emergency call outs with regular cleaning and inspections to prevent blockages and interruptions to your business.

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To discuss your pump installation requirements, contact your local depot or call us on 01634 201 111

Not sure what you need?

Pump stations are used to move fluids from one location to another, most commonly a pump station is located below ground but in some applications, it is not always possible due to the area in which the pump station needs to be located.

If the traditional below ground pump station is not viable Willow Pumps can design, supply and install a solution to meet your pumping needs.

Give us a call and speak to a member of our team to find out how they can help you?