Package pump stations

A package pump station is any chamber that is sent to site with pipework and valves already installed.

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Package pump stations

Package pump stations are the most simple version of wastewater pump stations. They are versatile but are not as well suited to sites with a high water table or limited access for installation.

In terms of cost, they represent the most cost-efficient and easiest solution for smaller sites and can be up and running quickly. The tank is delivered to site with the pipework and valves already installed. Once surrounded in concrete, a single site attendance is required to install the pumps and commission the system, negating the need for a confined space entry.

However, if not installed correctly they are prone to failure from water ingress. They also have the shortest life span and are typically not structural units in them self. GRP package pump stations will typically not be adopted so although the upfront cost is cheaper, over their life span they typically end up costing more.

What type of package pump station do I need?

Our range of package pump stations consists of:

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)

Vertical and horizontal chambers

GRP chambers are not structural units in themselves and rely on the concrete surround to provide support.

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)

Vertical and horizontal chambers

HDPE chambers are structural units. In most cases, depending on location and water table, will only require a granular backfill on installation.

What can Willow Pumps offer you?

All of our package wastewater pump station chambers are manufactured to suit the site-specific requirements of your project.

GRP chambers

Vertical standard range

1000mmØ, 1250mmØ, 1500mmØ, 1800mmØ, 2100mmØ. 2500Ø

Horizontal with integral pump sump

1800mmØ, 2100mmØ, 2500mmØ, 3000mmØ

HDPE chambers

Our HDPE chambers are available in the range of standard manhole sizes. We also offer custom square chambers.

The Process

Send us the relevant information and we will review and be in touch to discuss your options.

Once we have reviewed the relevant information, we will carry out calculations and provide you with our proposal and recommendations.

Our in-house team will design a pump station to meet your site and system requirements.

Take delivery of the packaged pump station and any additional equipment.

Carry out the installation of the chamber in accordance with our step-by-step instructions, along with the consulting engineers’ recommendations.

Advise us when you are ready for commissioning and one of our teams will attend site to commission the station.

With dedicated teams to help every step of the way, we will be there to provide assistance from enquiry stage through to installation and onwards to operation and maintenance.

Need help with your pump station?

For any pump station needs, from enquiry through to installation or maintenance and repair, contact Willow Pumps to discuss our services today.