Design Service

Willow Pumps offers a full design service for all types and sizes of pump station whether it’s a private packaged pump station or a water authority adoptable pump station. We can also carry out surge analysis to support any design application. We will work with you to produce a site-specific design ensuring the solution not only meets your pumping needs but is efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and durable. Willow Pumps can offer a specific design solution for any pumping requirements.

Our design services include:

  • Full Mechanical & Electrical Specification (M & E)
  • Technical Drawings (Utilsting AutoCAD)
  • Surge Analysis – where required

Adoptable Pump Stations

Willow Pumps has considerable experience designing, installing, and refurbishing adoptable pumps stations for numerous water authorities across the country and, as such, has developed a working knowledge of their installation preferences. All our adoptable pump stations are designed to ‘Sewers for Adoption’ (SFA) standards and adapted to suit specific water utility amendments to SFA. Willow Pumps can also carry out handover inspections and provide snagging reports for pump stations not designed or installed by Willow Pumps to ensure that the pump station is handed over to the water authority as swiftly as possible.

Our design team will provide you with a complete pump station design including full written M&E specification and technical drawings and issue a surge analysis report should the need arise. We will work with all relevant consultants/developers and water authorities to ensure a fully coordinated solution is reached.

Private/Package Pump Stations

Our team has over 70 years of combined experience specifying and installing pump stations and will use their extensive knowledge to guide you toward the best solution for your application.

We can provide:

  • Vertical and horizontal high-quality GRP chambers (Glass Reinforced Plastic chambers)
  • Alternatively can install our equipment within a precast concrete chamber should the depths and diameters be outside our standard production range. All our private GRP packaged pump stations come complete with:
    • A chamber
    • Access cover & frame
    • All internal pipework & valves
    • Rising main connection coupling
    • Pumps, control panel
    • Level control floats, lifting chains & shackles
    • Optional extras include a kiosk, GSM telemetry
  • We also offer service and maintenance contracts (S&M), our team would be pleased to discuss this with you.

Technical Drawing Team

Our in-house design team can produce project-specific drawings using industry standard software (AutoCAD). Where required, this team will liaise with other consultants to produce a fully coordinated design in a timely manner.