Sewage Treatment Plant

Planned Maintenance, Repairs and Replacements

Planned Maintenance

Septic tanks and cesspits are both responsible for collecting wastewater and sewage from domestic and commercial properties that are not connected to the mains sewer.

Septic Tanks

Septic tank configurations vary to suit the requirement, these work in conjunction with a drainage field to treat the waste water effectively and return it to the environment.

Tip: Septic tanks provide an affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly way to deal with wastewater.


Cesspits provide a similar solution, collecting your waste and sewage. The difference between the two is that cesspit do not process or treat the wastage in anyway. They can fill up at a fast rate and require emptying more frequently.

Tip: Cesspits are typically used when the ground is unsuitable for the waste to be treated. This can includes areas in close proximity to water sources.

How often does my septic tank or cesspit need emptying?

Emptying and cleaning your septic tank can help prevent any overflowing or malfunctions from occurring, whilst helping maintain efficiency.

How regularly you empty your septic tank or cesspit all depends on the size of the property and how frequently it is used. It’s recommended that you empty your tank every 6-12 months to maintain effective performance. If you remain unsure on this, our experts can help advise.

How can septic tanks problems be prevented?

A septic tank or cesspit that is not emptied on a regular basis is at risk of causing contamination to surrounding areas. A pre-planned maintenance contract is a perfect solution to minimise the risk of overflowing, blockages or costly repairs being required in the future.

It can also be useful to ensure no sanitary products, food waste, oils or grease enter the pipes. Using biologically friendly products is also recommended.

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