Project Description

Why did the client need our services?

After a pump failure, the site maintenance team at HMP Coldingley attempted to lift and clear a blocked pipe in their twin pump station. Unfortunately, the pump bowl had fallen into the wet well, the large tank that acts as a receiver for sewage from the prison. This resulted in both pumps being rendered non-operational and the risk of raw sewage overflow and the disruption that would ensue.

The team made contact with Willow Pumps, and we were able to quickly attend the site to empty the flooding pit and inspect the pumps and pipework. They needed to retrieve the pump bowl and reinstate the second pump to ensure wastewater flow to the main sewer.


HM Prison Coldingley


Woking, Surrey

Work carried out

Emergency pump station repair

What challenges were faced?

To access the pump and pipework in a live pump station, confined space entry was needed. Our pump engineers have the training and experience to carry out confined space entry safely and efficiently.

We are experienced in every part of confined space working and work strictly to the guidance set out by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive). The regional health and safety team at HMP Coldingley were present while the Willow Pumps team completed the work.

What work was carried out?

Our specialist team attended the site as quickly as possible. The tankering team cleared the flooding and dropped the effluent level in the wet well to allow the engineers to set up the confined space entry equipment. We have an advanced fleet of JETVAC tankers for comprehensive waste collection and disposal.

The tanker controlled the flow to allow Willow Pumps’ engineers to enter the wet well, reseat the undamaged pump onto the pedestal and return to service. The bowl of the other pump was then retrieved, and the on-site repairs were made to get the system back up and running correctly.

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Sarah Allpress, GL Health & Safety Manager IRQA Lead Auditor at Gov Facility Services Ltd, said

At GFSL, safety is our highest priority. We take pride in conducting our business across our sites with the safety of our teams, occupiers and co-workers.

“Whether it be a confined space job or something less risky, we rely on our business partners to get the job done. So, I always ask for Willow Pumps to assist with emergency works on-site because of our experience working with them. Over the past few years, I have been accompanied by various Willow Pump teams across many of our GFSL Managed Sites. On every occasion, the team have been highly professional and punctual, and the relevant paperwork is always in date to allow for specific risk permitting required, which in turn allows for emergency works to go ahead with no issues. The teams always work with safety as their highest concern, and they are experienced in what they do, which means sometimes the outcome is better than expected prior to the job starting. Lastly, the teams always leave the area clean and tidy.

“On the recent emergency work at HMP Coldingley, we put in an urgent call out, and Willow Pumps were on site within hours to assist us. With their help, we managed to avoid not only a serious environmental event but also a situation would have arisen whereby our occupants would have needed to be relocated. I cannot recommend Willow Pumps enough.

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Our skilled pump engineers are on hand to provide comprehensive and fast pump station repairs. Our team has specialist knowledge and experience in providing confined space entry. Regular pump maintenance will reduce the chance of pump station breakdown.

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