Project Description

Why did the client need our services?

This surface water pumping station was not working properly. The suspected cause was that the rising main had collapsed. The client needed us to carry out a CCTV survey to investigate, to locate the discharge point into the surface water drainage run and determine the direction of the large bore pipe run and the position of its discharge point.

What challenges were faced?

Initially the CCTV survey of the rising main could not be completed as the line was full of shingle. Our engineers decided to jet the line. An attempt to survey the large bore surface water pipe upstream and downstream was disrupted by heavy roots. This meant more work would be required, so an updated estimate was submitted to the client for full transparency. We also faced the challenge of having to take all the equipment off road to reach the site.


Valley car park pumping station


University of Essex, Colchester

Work carried out

CCTV investigation of surface water pumping station discharge pipe

What work was carried out?

Following the CCTV survey, civils works were carried out on the collapsed rising main and the station was successfully put back into operational use. The client was happy that we had been able to both identify the issues with the rising main and carry out the necessary repairs quickly and efficiently.

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