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    How Can Operational Downtime Affect Your Business?

    Published On: March 5, 2024

    Research conducted by FMJ on behalf of our sister company Metro Rod revealed that businesses that neglect their drainage systems leave themselves [...]

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    Why Pre-packaged Pumping Stations Can Save You Time & Money

    Published On: March 27, 2023

    A package or pre-packaged pump station is a complete pump unit that is made up of the chamber, pumps, pipework, valves, level [...]

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    Why is desludging your wastewater system so important

    Published On: February 6, 2023

    Why desludge your wastewater treatment plant? All wastewater treatment plants require regular desludging. This first removes the layer of scum that rises [...]

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    Top 5 signs that your pump station is failing

    Published On: January 23, 2023

    Are you having issues with your pump station? Pump stations can be large systems, and a single failing component could cause the [...]

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    Sewage pumping stations: How do they operate?

    Published On: January 18, 2023

    Sewage pumping stations are intermediate storage chambers that collect sewage, effluent, or surface water. These collection chambers incorporate automatic control systems that [...]

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    Pump station design – include the experts from the start

    Published On: June 3, 2022

    It’s safe to say the aim at the outset of any project is the completion of a build on time and on [...]

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    Willow Pumps - Building Services

    Know the difference – septic tanks and sewage treatment plants explained

    Published On: June 3, 2022

    Both septic tanks and sewage treatment plants are responsible for processing wastewater for off-mains properties or sites, but there are some key [...]

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    Willow Pumps - Grease Management

    Pump station installation – how to ensure a smooth process

    Published On: May 17, 2022

    You’ve decided what type of pump station you need, you’ve commissioned and approved the design and are now looking ahead to installation. [...]

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    Top 5 household drainage questions answered

    Published On: February 10, 2022

    No one wants to be dealing with blocked drains in their home. Your household drainage system works hard day in and day [...]

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    Working together for a complete ‘Water in, Waste out’ solution

    Published On: January 27, 2022

    At Willow Pumps we’re proud to be one of the UK’s leading providers of water pumps and pump solutions, including supply, installation [...]

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