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  • Pump station design – include the experts from the start

    718 words3.6 min read

    It’s safe to say the aim at the outset of any project is the completion of a build on time and on [...]

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  • Willow Pumps - Building Services

    Know the difference – septic tanks and sewage treatment plants explained

    627 words3.1 min read

    Both septic tanks and sewage treatment plants are responsible for processing wastewater for off-mains properties or sites, but there are some key [...]

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  • Willow Pumps - Grease Management

    Pump station installation – how to ensure a smooth process

    633 words3.2 min read

    You’ve decided what type of pump station you need, you’ve commissioned and approved the design and are now looking ahead to installation. [...]

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  • Top 5 household drainage questions answered

    652 words3.3 min read

    No one wants to be dealing with blocked drains in their home. Your household drainage system works hard day in and day [...]

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  • Working together for a complete ‘Water in, Waste out’ solution

    634 words3.3 min read

    At Willow Pumps we’re proud to be one of the UK’s leading providers of water pumps and pump solutions, including supply, installation [...]

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    Sewage pumping stations – everything you need to know

    1213 words6.3 min read

    You may be unsure what type of wastewater pumping station is right for your site, or perhaps you’re unsure whether you need [...]

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  • Pump Maintenance – spend to save

    337 words1.7 min read

    If you’re wondering whether a maintenance plan for your wastewater pump station is worth the cost, the simple answer is yes. When [...]

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  • Flood Defences and Storm Drains

    969 words4.8 min read

    What you need to know? There’s nothing like a torrential storm to get a new year off with a bang. As if [...]

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  • Biting blizzards to shinning spring over a matter of weeks: How does the changing weather affect your pump system

    693 words3.5 min read

    Across the UK temperatures have plummeted bringing blizzards and heavy snowfall which will take their toll on the invisible, underground infrastructure which [...]

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