A package or pre-packaged pump station is a complete pump unit that is made up of the chamber, pumps, pipework, valves, level control, and control panel. The whole unit is pre-assembled before being delivered to the site ready for installation, saving significant time and costs.

These types of pumping stations are available in a number of different sizes and specifications to meet the requirements of the application and the demands of its environment. Package pump stations are manufactured in high-density polyethylene or glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). They can be fitted with monitoring equipment to alert users of any problems with the system.

How Are Package Pump Stations Used?

All pump stations move wastewater from one location to another – horizontally or uphill – when gravity cannot be relied upon to do the job.

Pre-packaged pump stations are most commonly used in the private sector on smaller sites where they can be installed and get up and running quickly. Typical applications include homes located downhill from a sewer or wastewater treatment plant or new homes built on remote or inaccessible land. Properties such as schools, hotels, care homes, or hospitals may require a package pump station if they are built on new roads so that wastewater can be effectively pumped away to a sewer.

Package pump stations are not commonly adopted by the Water Authority. They are also not suitable for sites with limited access for installation or with a high water table.

What Are the Benefits of These Types of Pump Stations?

Pre-packaged pump stations offer an economical pump solution because they are the most cost-effective option. They are easy to install and can be optimised for your requirements.

Thanks to their robust design, pre-packaged pump stations can offer longevity and with regular pump station maintenance, the system will remain efficient.

GRP was once the most popular option for package pump stations, but high-density polyethylene offers several advantages, including resistance to chemical corrosion and ground pressures.

How Can Willow Pumps Help?

We are knowledgeable and experienced pump station designers and installers and can advise you on the right system for your needs. Once we have reviewed the relevant information and completed our calculations, we can present our recommendations.

As well as standard single or dual pump systems, our designers can create made-to-measure and bespoke designs. We are also on hand to help maintain your system or make any necessary repairs or refurbishments. We offer a one-stop shop for all your package pump station needs.

From initial design concepts to commissioning and aftercare, we aim to offer the highest levels of customer care. We work with a host of clients, including private homeowners, construction companies, builders, property managers, landlords, local authorities,  and more.

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