Drainage CCTV surveys

Drainage CCTV camera surveys are carried out to try and obtain various items of information, such as the depth of the manhole chamber, pipe size and material, and the length between manhole chambers.

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Why are CCTV surveys so important?

As well as being a way to gather the information mentioned above, having your drainage surveyed with CCTV will highlight any underlying issues that you would not be able to see, meaning that minor defects can be dealt with through remedial drainage repair. By catching minor problems in this way, the chance of more serious and costly problems (such as a sewer collapsing) is significantly reduced.

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What can Willow Pumps offer you?

We are able to carry out CCTV surveys of all types of drainage pipes, both foul and surface, and we can survey various sizes from 70mm up to 1500mm.

All this information can be backed up with CCTV footage if required.

Providing CCTV surveys often requires entry into confined spaces. Due to the nature of our business we have to carry out confined space entry on a daily basis.

We have qualified engineers that have all passed a confined space training course and have updated confined space equipment to be able to carry out the works under controlled conditions and in a safe manner.

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Confined space entry

We carry out the following procedures before entering an confined space:

  • Completion of a risk assessment
  • Signage and barricading
  • Isolation of hazards
  • Cleaning, purging and ventilation
  • Atmosphere testing and monitoring
  • Completion of an entry permit
  • Designating a standby person
  • Rescue and emergency plans

Need a drainage CCTV survey?

If your drainage system would benefit from a thorough and professional survey, contact us today to discuss our services.


    We can survey pipe sizes of 70mm up to 1500mm.

    Main line CCTV crawler 200mm; Push Rod Solo Probe 100mm.

    Normally within five to seven working days.

    Yes, all engineers who are required to enter a confined space need to be properly trained.

    Yes, an atmosphere test should always be carried out before entry and the engineer entering the area should also carry a gas detector.

    We strongly recommend that a permit is completed before entry is made.