Water Pressure & Booster Sets

Willow Pumps can design, install, commission, and maintain water booster sets for residential and commercial premises throughout the UK to increase water pressure and flow.

From small domestic pumps to pumps for high-rise commercial buildings, offices, and hotels, we can develop a bespoke solution to fit your requirements.

What is a booster set?

A water booster set is utilised in buildings where the mains water pressure is not adequate to satisfy the pressure requirements of your building due to the following issues:

  • The static height of the building
  • Excessive frictional losses in pipework/equipment
  • Water authorities lowering the mains water pressure
  • High-pressure requirements of particular sanitary ware

Single and twin booster sets are designed to increase the pressure of hot/cold water services.

These can be designed and supplied for use in all applications.

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Design & proposal

Willow Pumps Above-ground Division has over 25 years of experience designing booster sets and working with design consultants and contractors. We can advise on specific criteria and carry out the complete design of the boosted water system from the water booster set, water storage tank, and distribution pipework.

We work with Public Health Engineers on the design of boosting pressure within buildings and house builders, where we carry out feasibility studies and design calculations. Our team will come up with solutions which will overcome the requirements of the properties whilst fitting into the smallest footprint, issuing proposals, then supplying the equipment and carrying out the installation.

Our engineers are all fully trained to work with all cold-water booster sets from all manufacturers, supplied according to your budget. We have a network of manufacturers to prevent delays in the supply chain and ensure we can provide you with a solution which is tailored to your needs, whether you’re looking for the highest priced booster pump or an effective but cheaper alternative.

From the design process, we can then provide a full package proposal for the latest high-efficiency booster sets sized for the requirements of your building. All calculations are based on UK standards.


Willow Pumps can offer an installation service where we can install all of the equipment we have supplied for your project, including:

  • The cold water storage tank, including the mains water connection to the tank inlet(s) with isolation valves
  • Installation of the booster set, including the pipework between the cold water storage tank(s) and the suction manifold via a flexible connection to prevent transmission of noise through the pipework with isolation valves, then from the discharge manifold to a point in the plant room usually terminating with an isolation valve and flexible connection.

All pipework will be supported and insulated. The electrical connection will be made from a rotary isolator switch to the booster set, once the installation is complete, the cold water storage tank(s) will be cleaned and chlorinated and left ready for use. Finally, the booster set will be run up and commissioned.


A fully comprehensive maintenance proposal can also be offered to ensure the booster set is running at its optimum efficiency and will also be covered by our 24/7/365 emergency call-out facility, putting you in a preferential position over non-contract customers.

Willow Pumps carry out maintenance and remedial works for numerous hotel chains, coping with the demands this brings as a hotel without water is not very welcoming. We also have contracts with housing associations, social housing organisations, and private housing FM companies.

We can devise a maintenance schedule to suit your requirements. For most clients, this is at six-monthly intervals.

If you need booster set repairs, the team at Willow Pumps can help. In most cases, we can make the necessary repairs during our first visit. If we can’t, we will provide a temporary solution until we can fix a permanent replacement part.

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