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Why is effective drainage management important?

Pre-planned maintenance is widely overlooked in the drainage sector.

Ensuring that drainage systems are monitored, kept clean and free of blockages, and repaired promptly when necessary significantly reduces the risk of flooding.

What can Willow Pumps offer you?

Sewer and storm drain cleaning

We offer planned sewer and storm drain cleaning as well as an emergency callout response.

Choosing from quarterly, 6-monthly and annual drainage maintenance will help reduce your site costs as it will reduce the need for emergency callouts and repairs.

High pressure water jetting

When drains become blocked, the cause of the blockage can only be broken down by applying intense pressure to break it down. High pressure water jetting works by directly pressurised water towards the blockage, within the confines of the drain. The force of the water in such a small space breaks the solid mass into small pieces and pushes it through the drain towards the sewer.

High pressure water jetting is one of the best ways to unblock a drain, particularly when masses of non-flushables, fats and food waste have built up.

Pipework repairs

Patch liners are used as a chosen method of repair where defects are evident within a certain section of sewer or drainage system. Patches can also be overlapped to install a full length liner to achieve rehabilitation over greater distances where access may be an issue.

Patching and lining is no-dig application that means there is either very little disruption or no disruption at all. Having the affected areas patched or lined will ensure that the line remains in tact and free-flowing.

Liquid haulage

If you have a situation where your pump station has failed, Willow Pumps are able to remove the waste by demand tankering. We can carry out multiple trips from site to a local waste transfer station so there is no disruption to clients or productivity. We have a variety of bulk tankers ranging from a 6K artic to a 2K tanker.

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    Yes, problems can occur. Each job is different and we endeavour to carry out all necessary checks before carrying out the works to avoid any issues.

    Normally yes, patching and lining is a lot cheaper than carrying out civil works.

    Yes. 10 years is standard, unless being installed on a chemical line.