Pump station maintenance and repair

Pump station maintenance is a key element to maximising the efficiency and the operational status of your pumps and their associated assets.

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Why is maintenance important?

Pump stations work extremely hard in difficult environments and benefit hugely from regular maintenance, as the station can’t give prior warning on a potential failure.

Failure of a pump station can lead to extremely high unexpected costs, from pump replacement, to heavy cleansing or demand tankering. This can be avoided by regular pump station maintenance, where an in-depth service can highlight any areas of concern.

By maintaining your pump station, you are automatically minimising downtime and gaining an up-to-date status of how your pump station is coping and performing. From this, you can receive recommendations which will reduce the chance of high expenses from emergency callouts should the station enter complete failure.

We provide site maintenance and repair at any hour of the day, through our 24/7 service.

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What can Willow Pumps offer you?

Willow Pumps can provide a comprehensive service with tailor-made intervals. We offer both interim and annual servicing for all applications across both clean and waste water services.

Interim maintenance

The interim service allows for a full visual and operational health check. From this, we can gauge how the pump station is operating, and carry out important checks which indicate if the station requires any immediate work. This is a cost-effective check which can be carried out up to 3 times per year.

Annual maintenance

The annual service is the full works. On an annual service we will lift all pumps and strip down on site. We will check all rotation parts and carry out full electrical checks, including the operating lubricants. It is best practice to cleanse the wet well alongside this service.

Willow Pumps can tailor your service and repair programme to suit your needs, and react to failure within time frames that suit you.

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Why chose Willow Pumps for your pump station maintenance?

Willow Pumps carry out maintenance to the highest standard. We operate a fleet of over 70 vehicles nationwide and have specialist equipment tactically placed across the country to ensure our customers are benefiting from the latest practice and technology, carrying out tasks cost effectively and efficiently.

Willow Pumps have a fleet of JETVACs, from super combination units to articulated bulk tankers, meaning we have you covered from deep cleansing to emergency removal of effluent should you require it.

Operating as a nationwide maintenance business, we are able to offer preferential rates to all of our key account customers and can assist you in even the most remote of areas.

All contracted customers benefit from reduced emergency rates and are also prioritised should you require us in an emergency.

In need of maintenance services?

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    We recommend a full service check annually, with interim maintenance carried out up to 3 times a year.

    We operate a 24/7 service and can fit your maintenance schedule around your needs.