Flood response

Flood response is a service provided by Willow Pumps to remove excess water from site and dispose at a licensed facility.

Contact us on 07714 481 182 for an emergency callout

When would flood response be required?

Flood response would be required in scenarios such as overwhelmed rivers, flooded car park/basements due to severe weather, or in the event of a failed pump station.

Routine maintenance to underground drainage systems can help to limit the need for flood response.

Willow Pumps can provide CCTV surveys to investigate any underground issues and routine cleaning services such as high pressure water jetting to prevent blockages.

What can Willow Pumps offer you?

Willow Pumps have highly trained drainage engineers with extensive experience carrying out work flood response promptly and efficiently.

We have a large fleet of tankers, including articulated units which can hold up to 6000 gallons. This is crucial when trying to clear a flooded site. We are happy to take loads, dispose and return to site to repeat until the site is clear.

Need emergency flood response?

We are available 24/7 all year round for routine maintenance and emergency callouts. Contact us now for a quick response.