Pump station refurbishment

Pump stations are subject to wear and tear and the effects of corrosion. After a period of time, refurbishment is necessary to ensure reliability.

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Why is refurbishing your pump station important?

Pump station assets are subject to rust and corrosion due to being exposed to raw sewage, storm water and oil.

Corrosion is visible when carrying out regular services and our engineers are experts at spotting these potential issues. They will recommend refurbishment works to you that can be carried out before the station is subject to failure or in need of a replacement, ultimately saving you money.

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What can Willow Pumps offer you?

Each pump station is unique. Our technical pump experts conduct a survey specific to your site, providing you with a comprehensive overview that includes photos and our recommendations.

After a survey, Willow Pumps can then undertake pump station refurbishments, remove original pump station mechanical and electrical materials and replace with new, and if required provide bespoke engineering.

Where an existing wet well or dry well requires a refurbishment, we can remove all current mechanical materials and re-install with appropriate replacements.

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We can also undertake fabrication and welding on site, where old pumps need replacing with more efficient models, or where pipework modifications are required due to differences in the suction and discharge orientation.

We can undertake these works for any site, but specialise in the utility market, working on pipework ranging from 80mm and up.

Design & CAD drawings can be produced if required, and the same for electrical works where a new control panel is required.

Our engineers have the experience and knowledge to carry out refurbishment works to the highest standard.

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Need help with your pump station?

If your pump station is in need of refurbishment, contact our professional and experienced team for more information on how we can help.