Above-ground pumps

Our above-ground services department includes a wide range of clean water provision.

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What can Willow Pumps offer you?

Willow Pumps above-ground Division have 25+ years of experience in this field working with design consultants and contractors alike.


Willow Pumps can advise on design criteria or carry out the complete design of the boosted water system, from the cold water booster set, the cold water storage tank, to distribution pipework (risers and horizontal pipework runs).

From the design process we can then provide a full package proposal for the latest high efficiency booster sets, sized for your building.

All calculations are based on UK standards.


We can offer an installation service where we install all of the equipment we have supplied for your project, including the cold water storage tank and the mains water connection to the tank inlet(s).

Installation of the booster set includes the pipework between the cold water storage tank(s) and the suction manifold, then from the discharge manifold to a point in the plantroom. All pipework will be supported and insulated. The electrical connection will be made from a rotary isolator switch (installed by others) to the booster set. Once the installation is complete, the cold water storage tank(s) will be cleaned and chlorinated and left ready for use.


Finally, the booster set will be run up and commissioned. All relevant certificates for the cleaning and chlorination of the cold water storage tank(s) will be provided, along with sample results if required. All O&Ms will be issued for the booster set along with the commissioning certificate.


A fully comprehensive maintenance proposal can also be offered to ensure the booster set continues to run at its optimum efficiency. It will also be covered by our 24/7/365 emergency callout facility, putting you in a preferential position over non-contract customers.

Willow Pumps can supply:

Willow Pumps provide a 24/7 emergency callout service for sewage pump stations
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Cold water booster sets

A cold water booster set is utilised in buildings where the town’s mains water pressure is not adequate to satisfy the pressure requirements of your building, due to the following issues:

  • the static height of the building
  • excessive frictional losses in pipework/equipment
  • water authorities lowering the mains water pressure
  • the high pressure requirements of certain sanitary ware.
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CAT 5 booster/tank combination units

These combination packaged sets can be built to achieve the flow and pressure required utilising 1 or 2 pumps (usually but not limited to) with a suitably sized break tank either mounted on the same skid or on a purpose build frame above the pumps to minimise the footprint.

These packaged sets are fully WRAS approved and can be offered with either fixed speed or variable speed pumps-dependant on application.

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Circulation pumps

Willow Pumps are able to offer a complete range of domestic and commercial circulators for all of your systems including:

  • heating systems
  • ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • boiler shunt pumps
  • boiler primary and secondary systems
  • storage tank circuits (destratification)
  • solar systems and HWS secondary return systems.

The pumps we can offer are available in fixed speed or variable speed versions with single or twin head options.

All of the pumps we offer are the most efficient and are ErP compliant (energy related products), with the latest technology invertor controls allowing maximum available efficiency at all times.

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Pressurisation units

Pressurisation Units (PUs) form part of a heating or chilled water system and are designed to increase the pressure within a system to overcome the static height of a system and to ensure there is adequate pressure to keep the uppermost of the system full of water.

They also top up the system when there is a loss of pressure due to evaporation or leaks occurring, so it maintains the system pressure within the sealed system.

We can offer a wide range of PUs from some of the largest manufacturers available, including LTHW, MTHW, HTHW and CHW systems, with single pump units or twin pump units.

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Need advice on clean water systems?

For any clean water buildings services, Willow Pumps can provide a solution. Whether you’re looking for a complete design and installation service, or simply advice on regular maintenance, contact us today to discuss your needs.