Project Description

Why did the client need our services?

The existing tank at this hotel was in a very poor state with numerous leaks and required replacing.

What challenges were faced?

The water supply needed to be maintained to the hotel at all times.

We submitted a proposal to install a smaller tank outside with pipework modifications which would only require a shutdown at a time of least water demand for the changeover.

This was carried out and once the hotel’s water supply was changed over to the temporary tank, the old tank could then be dismantled and removed from site with no further disruption to supply.


A major hotel chain


Maidstone, Kent

Work carried out

Tank replacement and pipe insulation

What work was carried out?

We installed base levelling steels and then installed the new tank with the necessary pipework modifications to suit. The tank was then cleaned and chlorinated before the changeover back to the main tank took place.

The pipework modifications, including a mains bypass, were then insulated (see photos).

We also modified the walkway steelwork for access to the tank, before all redundant materials and the temporary tank were removed from site.

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