Our Pump Services


Pump Station Design

We offer a full design service for all types and sizes of pump stations from private package pumps stations to water authority adoptable pump stations


Pump Station Installation

Our installation team work closely with our designers to ensure your project is delivered to the correct specification and to your timeline


Pump Station Servicing & Repairs

Regular maintenance can dramatically improve your pump station reliability and reduce inconvenient breakdowns and costly emergency call outs.


Why use Willow Pumps for your pumps?

Willow Pumps Ltd is a family owned business, established in 1992. We endeavor to provide the best service and support to all our clients, providing the finest quality from start to finish. Here at Willow Pumps Ltd we are passionate about our field, with nearly 30 years’ experience to support our clientele, providing excellent turnaround time and knowledge. We are strong leaders in all; pumping station design, pump sales, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

In 2016 we added a new division for tankering and drainage with CCTV crew to provide a total waste management package why not take a look at our drainage capabilities?

What is a pump station and why do we need them?

Pump stations are used to move fluids from one location to another, most commonly a pump station is located below ground but in some applications, it is not always possible due to the area in which the pump station needs to be located.

Pump Stations can move clean or dirty water and often customers don’t know what type of dirty water their pump station is Foul or Surface-water. This isn’t helped by the multitude of names for each type which we will try and explain below:

How do I know the difference between the different types of Pump Stations?

In short, don’t be shy just give our team a call and they will be happy to help but to help out here are some tips on how to decifer what pumping station you have.

There are many different types as they serve slightly different purposes, below we outline some of the commonly found Pump Stations and how they are referred to:

Sewage Pump Stations are sometimes called Foul Water Pump Stations (or Foul Pumping stations) or Waste Water  Pump Station and occasionally sewer pump system or sewage pumping stations.

Storm Water Pump Station are often shorted to Storm Pump Station or surface water pumping stations, which moves run off water not foul waste water (sewage) to the main drains.

Water Pump station is not a common term but our new customers sometimes refer to their pump station like this as they are not sure what it is yet, but don’t worry we are here to help solve that for you, just give our team a call.

Another less common term but it has been used is pumped drainage system, again we can help, not a problem just call our friendly team for support.

Our customers

We operate in both the private and public markets as we have an incredibly versatile team of engineers:

An example of the many sectors we work with includes but is not limited to:

  • Residential (Including the adoption process)
  • Care homes
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Prisons
  • Holiday parks
  • Shopping centres
  • Hotels
  • Leisure centres
  • Restaurants
  • Wholesalers
  • Individual shops
  • Industrial estates and many more.