Project Description

Why did the client need our services?

Redrow asked us to carry out an effective clean and survey of the large- and small-bore surface water drainage at their site and provide a CCTV report at the end of the works.

The client required the cleaning and CCTV works so that they could proceed with the next phase of their works to develop the area.


Redrow Homes


Deal, Kent

Work carried out

Planned cleaning and surveying of surface water drainage

What challenges were faced?

Cleaning of any large-bore pipework was difficult as silt levels were over 10%, which meant we required additional time to complete the works.

There was also no onsite water supply so we had to run to the nearest extraction point to refill the unit, also extending the time taken.

We were transparent with the client at every point about the requirements and overcame these issues to complete the job successfully.

What work was carried out?

A Super Flex combination unit and CCTV mainline camera unit were used to clean and survey the surface water drainage. Once each section of the drainage was cleaned the CCTV camera unit surveyed the lines to confirm they were clean and to identify if there were any underline issues.

Once the surveying works were completed the client was sent a WRC approved CCTV report.

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