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Here at Willow Pumps, we are Bradford, Clayton, or Allerton’s leading pump station specialists. We design, service, maintain and repair all types of pump stations.

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With over 30 years of experience handling both clean and waste water, we can design, build and commission all types of stations from package pump stations for single dwellings to adoptable pump stations for large housing developments.

Our company allows us to see through the whole lifecycle of your project and as members of the Franchise Brands Group, we now have access to a wide network and extensive fleet of vehicles, so we can provide you with whatever services you need. We like to say, ‘one call and we can do it all!’

Right from the initial concept, our in-house pump design team can prepare a bespoke pump solution, taking into account all relevant regulations. We can then source the necessary parts and build and install the pump station to adoptable standards.

Following successful installation, we can create a pump station maintenance programme which meets your needs and manufacturers’ warranties. As pump station experts, we carry out thousands of maintenance visits per year. We also work 24/7, so can deal with emergencies quickly and effectively. Our team works across a range of sectors from construction and hospitality to healthcare and education.

  • Water in, waste our experts with over 30 years of experience
  • Comprehensive turnkey solutions for all wastewater and clean water needs
  • 24/7 emergency call outs available with a dedicated team of experts on hand
  • All domestic and commercial organisations taken care of including councils, industrial estates, business parks, property developers, leisure centres, housing associations, and more

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Why are PPMs and pump station servicing in Clayton so important?

Sewage and waste water can be a challenging environment, so your pump station in Clayton, Bradford, or Shipley must be well maintained. Our comprehensive pump station maintenance plans will ensure that your pump station and the associated equipment are regularly checked to see if it is operating correctly and efficiently. This will give you peace of mind that your pump station is in good working order and the possibility of costly and unexpected breakdowns will be limited.

Our team of on-site engineers can carry out planned servicing at any time to extend the life of your pump station, reduce the cost of any repairs and spot any problems before they lead to a breakdown.


Our team of experts can advise you about the best periods between checks. We provide interim maintenance checks three times a year to look for any issues that need to be dealt with immediately.

Our annual maintenance is an in-depth assessment of your pump station and includes lifting pumps and stripping down on site. Our engineers will check all rotation parts and carry out full electrical checks including the operating lubricants.

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Pump station design and installation by the experts in Bradford

At Willow Pumps, we provide an exceptional pump station design and installation service in Bradford. Whether you require an adoptable pump station, package pump station, or pre-cast concrete pump station, our team can design and build a suitable pump station for your needs.

We can provide a surge analysis to support your design application and all design services are free of charge when we are building and installing the pump. Our designs are always durable, cost-effective, and long-lasting. We can also provide all pump station civil works.

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With multiple depots across the UK, we provide a nationwide network of service.


A full range of services and expansive fleet of vehicles allow us to fulfil all your needs.

Expert team

Experienced engineers and our dedicated wider team provide professional and efficient service across the board.


Our 24/7 emergency callout service means we can respond to your needs quickly.

Fast response in Bradford to pump station repairs and pump breakdowns

Here at Willow Pumps, we have built a reputation for providing fast and responsive pump station repairs. We endeavour to attend to all emergencies quickly and efficiently.

Emergency breakdowns can sometimes occur when pump stations have not been well maintained and regular maintenance is the best way of preventing breakdowns.

When corrosion becomes visible during regular servicing or we spot this during any repairs, we may recommend that parts of your pump station are refurbished to remove the original pump station mechanical electrical materials to replace them with new and updated parts.

Where an existing try well or well needs to be refurbished, we can remove all current mechanical materials and replace them with suitable replacements.

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Do you need the installation or servicing of clean water booster sets in Bradford?

Alongside all wastewater services in Bradford, we provide a whole range of services relating to cold water provision. We can advise on the design criteria and design cold water booster sets, cold water tanks, and the necessary distribution pipework.

We can also install the equipment and get it up and running and commissioned. We will provide the necessary certification for chlorination and cleaning. All O&Ms will be issued for the booster set with the commissioning certificate.

Our team can also provide comprehensive maintenance to ensure your booster set runs efficiently. This includes 24/7 emergency breakdown cover.

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Septic tank, cesspit, and sewage treatment plant maintenance and emptying in Bradford

Septic tanks and cesspits are some of the most common ways to manage sewage and waste in Bradford. These systems must be well maintained to ensure longevity and compliance.

We generally recommend that systems are cleaned every six months but this can depend on design, capacity, location, and other factors.

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