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Willow Pumps are experts in pump design, supply, installation, maintenance, and repair in Norfolk. Whether you need proactive pump maintenance for a large pump station on commercial premises or the design and supply of a package pump station for a home, we are here to help.

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We provide complete ‘water-in, water-out’ solutions and can provide our customers with the expertise and reassurance that their needs will be met. Our dedicated engineers have 30 years of experience and knowledge of wastewater management. We also design and fit above-ground pumps, including cold water booster sets and water storage tanks.

Willow Pumps is led by founder Ian Lawrence. Since 2019 we have been part of Franchise Brands Group. As close partners of Metro Rod and Metro Plumb, we can offer an extensive range of services. In addition, we have a large fleet of tankers working out of 50 UK depots.

We can provide our customers with:

  • Pump station design, installation, maintenance, and repair
  • Regular preventative pump station maintenance plans
  • 24/7 emergency pump repairs, 365 days a year
  • Water hygiene services
  • Clean water building services, including cold water booster sets, pressurisation units, and circulation pumps
  • Sewage treatment plant maintenance
  • Drainage services
  • CCTV drainage survey
  • Grease management

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Why does pump station maintenance in Norfolk matter?

Do you have a wastewater pump station in Norfolk? When your pump station has been installed and commissioned, you must have a maintenance plan in place. Like all electrical and mechanical systems, they must be assessed regularly to ensure smooth running.

Maintenance checks will spot any faults or blockages that could lead to pump system breakdown. Here are the top reasons to ensure that you get you your pump station regularly serviced:

  • Our pump maintenance can provide peace of mind that any issues with your pump will be spotted early.
  • Maintaining your pump station will extend its lifespan, so pump refurbishments can be completed before the whole pump needs to be replaced.
  • Regular pump maintenance will save you money because it will reduce the chances of expensive pump breakdowns.
  • Pump maintenance will improve the efficiency of your pump system.

We offer interim pump maintenance three times a year and a full service once every 12 months.

Expert pump station maintenance in Norfolk from Willow Pumps

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    Efficient wastewater pump repairs and refurbishments in Norfolk

    Does your pump station in Norfolk require urgent repairs? Here at Willow Pumps, we offer proactive emergency pump repairs because we understand a swift response is what you need.

    Pump breakdowns can be extremely inconvenient and disruptive. Sometimes there will be an audible alarm or warning light on your control panel to indicate there is an issue. We hold many important accreditations,s including Confined Space training.

    Reasons for a pump breakdown can vary but commonly include:

    • Grease, oil, debris, or fat build-up
    • A blockage in the pipework
    • Float faults
    • Corrosion and rust
    • Electrical faults
    • General wear and tear

    We can also provide comprehensive pump station refurbishments.

    Norfolk pump station design, civil works and installation

    Sewage pump stations in Norfolk where there are no natural or gravitational means of transferring wastewater from a development. We design cost-effective and custom-designed pump stations to meet all health and safety regulations.

    We create pump designs for package, pre-cast and adoptable pump stations. Our pump stations are always exceptionally well designed, durable, and cost-effective. We never charge an upfront fee for pump design if the main pump station is ordered through us. We can also provide surge analysis that is available at an extra cost.

    All projects begin with a consultation, where we can ascertain the size and type of development the pump station will serve as well as the heights and distance between the pump station location and where the rising main terminates.

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    Providing pump solutions in Norfolk and the surrounding local areas

    Our drainage, pump design and pump repair teams cover the whole of Norfolk including:

    • Aylsham
    • Fakenham
    • Great Yarmouth
    • Holt
    • Sheringham
    • Norwich
    • Acle
    • Attleborough
    • King’s Lynn
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    Installation of cold water booster sets in Norfolk

    Willow Pumps are experts in the design, installation, repair, and replacement of cold water booster sets, pressurisation units, and water storage tanks in Norfolk. Our above-ground pumps can be designed for all applications and offer a complete, end-to-end service. Once a system has been designed and installed, we can ensure it is well maintained.

    We can also offer water hygiene services to ensure that you remain fully HSE compliant and current with all your water safety responsibilities.

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    Maintenance of cesspits and septic tanks in Norfolk

    Septic tanks and cesspits are one of the most popular ways of managing waste in properties in Norfolk that cannot connect with the main sewer system. We provide a complete range of sewage treatment plant maintenance and emptying.

    It is important to know that you are responsible for ensuring that your sewage treatment plant is in good working order, and we are happy to offer a range of services to suit you.

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    We can also provide pump maintenance in Middlesex and pump installation in Worcestershire.

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