Specialists in all pump station and wastewater services in Paignton, Devon

Willow Pumps are independent specialists offering UK-wide coverage for pump stations and sewage treatment plant services, including in Paignton, Brixham, Blagdon, or the surrounding parts of Devon.

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Our pump designers and engineers can design, supply, install, maintain, and repair all types of pumps including adoptable pump stations – also known as sewers for adoption (SFA), glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) pump stations, and pre cast concrete (PCC) pump stations. We will recommend the right pumps for the job, complete all pump station civil works, surge analysis, pump commissioning, and more.

We can also supply, fit, and maintain cold water booster sets and the necessary equipment, and ensure that your cold water supply remains hygienic and meet legislative requirements.

Our fleet of vehicles and expertise also allows us to complete plant sewage work emptying and maintenance.

Our clients range from homeowners, developers, and housing associations to hotels, pubs, and commercial premises.

For more details of how our waste and clean water experts can help, please call now on 01634 201 111.

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    For long and cost-effective operational life for your Brixham pump station, choose our maintenance contracts

    Wastewater is one of the harshest and most corrosive environments for all mechanical and electrical equipment. Willow Pumps offers comprehensive pump station maintenance agreements tailored to your requirements in Brixham, Paignton, or Totnes.

    Our pump maintenance is designed to suit the demands of your system to give you peace of mind that your system is in optimal condition. Regular maintenance will improve efficiency, reduce the chance of pump breakdown, and the associated costs, and prolong the lifespan of your system.

    Our dedicated engineers can service and maintain all types of pumping equipment including pumps that we have installed and those that have been installed by others. Our engineers are highly experienced and specialised and hold a series of important accreditations.

    We carry out both interim and annual servicing contracts, which will include a full visual inspection of the system, electrical testing, performance testing, and installation checks. As part of our annual maintenance service, we also cleanse the wet well.

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    Do you need pump repairs or pump refurbishments in TQ2?

    The refurbishment or upgrading of existing pump equipment in Paignton is sometimes necessary to ensure your pump works correctly and to meet changing legislation. This may involve electrical or mechanical parts of the system or other aspects and you will always make financial savings over time because the risk of breakdown will be minimised. We can supply and fit direct replacements or equivalent replacements.

    We also offer a pump station emergency call-out service. All of our engineers have confined space training and will work hard to get your pump station back up and running as quickly as we can. Any issue must be dealt with promptly because pump failures can lead to a back-up of toxic waste that could eventually be released into the environment.

    We work closely with the Environment Agency, so we know exactly all about the relevant legislation and stay abreast of any changes.

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    Providing Pump Solutions in Paignton and surrounding areas

    Our drainage, pump design and pump repair teams cover wide areas of the UK including;

    • Berry Pomeroy
    • Churston
    • Churston Ferrers
    • Galmpton
    • Marldon
    • Stoke Gabriel
    • Torbay
    • Torquay
    • Totnes
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    A recent Willow Pumps case study

    Why did the client need our services? After a pump failure, the site maintenance team at HMP Coldingley attempted to lift and clear a blocked pipe in their twin pump [...]

    Full design and installation project management pump stations in Paignton

    If you need a new pump station installed, please speak to our pump station designers in Paignton. We can design cost-effective and reliable pump stations that are suitable for the size of location and application. From relatively small pumps to large and complex systems, we can tackle projects of all sizes.

    If we are designing an adoptable pump station, we will ensure it meets local water authority requirements and the latest SFA specifications. We can complete surge analysis if needed and the cost of our design (excluding surge analysis) is free if we are installing the pump station.

    Once the designs have been approved, we can supply and fit the pump station including all pipework, valves, and control equipment. We also offer a full commissioning service, so your pump meets the latest industry standards. We will ensure that your pump is running optimally.

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    Clean water booster pumps and other solutions in Paignton

    Clean water booster pumps are a great way of boosting the mains water pressure in a property. These systems are designed to raise the water pressure in the pipework.

    • Our team can design and plan boosted water systems, including the set, storage tank and corresponding pipework for clean water. We will take you through the process, so you can have complete confidence in the pumping solution.
    • We can install and commission your system and provide cleaning and chlorination alongside sample results if needed.
    • Our team can offer planned maintenance to prolong the life of your cold water system. We also provide water hygiene services and management to ensure all water is clear of Legionella and other harmful bacteria.
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    Maintenance of sewage treatment plants in Paignton

    Sewage treatment plants are needed in developments where foul drainage to mains drainage is not possible.

    Cesspits and septic tanks should be regularly maintained or emptied, whether they are in a domestic or a commercial setting. These are one of the most environmentally friendly drainage systems but only if they are properly maintained.

    We can devise a tailored sewage treatment plant maintenance schedule to check your sewage treatment plant is working as effectively as possible. This service will ensure there are no blockages or overflows that could result in expensive repairs.

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